In researching PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I have found scientific articles supporting the use of Mantras for PTSD. Mantras have been proven to be especially effective with military personnel and veterans. USA Veteran Affairs / Department of Defence working parties have analysed the research papers and included mantras in the 'Tool Kit for PTSD” for serving and Returned Service personnel in the USA. To date, in Australia, we do not have the funding in Natural Therapies / Natural Medicine to run similar studies however we can learn from other countries research. The effectiveness of Mantras spills far beyond use for PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. 'Mantra practice is des

Super Moon and what is a ‘normal’ response?

This week we have experienced the impact Super Moon. I have had lots of calls and visiting clients who had lost their balance or were feeling more anxious than usual. The repeated question was…. “Is this Normal?” One of the reason why anxiety levels rise during a Super Moon or Full Moon is that people look to the majority to see if they were affected by the moon (or stimuli), and if not, decide that there is something wrong with them. Sensitivities to nature We should not put blame on anything outside of us for how we feel or behave but understanding our sensitivities with compassion can help us to function better and take necessary steps to support us when we are aware of what is goin

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