A pack of 5 medium sodalite tumblestones.   I have not colour adjusted the picture and find that the lower 3 sodalite tumbles are most true to colour.


Sodalite name comes from the high sodium content in these crystals.

Sodalite crystals bring order & calmness to the mind. It encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition.  It is also helpful for balancing the throat chakra.

Chakra:   Throat

Colours:   Predominantly blue


Tumblestones are ideal to place in your pocket or on your bedside table to create order and calmness.      Sodalite is also highly regarded for cleansing the throat chakra allowing it to be used for presentations, proposals or any place that requires succint speech, or astute heart felt  listening.



Pack of 5 medium Sodalite tumblestones

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