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Kinesiology, Reiki

Wellbeing Coaching in the Southern Highlands

2019, 2018 and 2017 Award  - Top 25 Most Popular Health and Fitness Service '  Southern Highlands NSW  and Illawarra.

**  as voted by Health4You website


During these uncertain times I would like to be there for each of you.    

Here is how I can help, no matter where you are in the world, no matter what is occuring.   Whether you are choosing to self isolate or in lock down.     

I offer online appointments to reduce fear and panic by restoring grounding and balance to help you stay mentally clear, emotionally calm.

I offer phone assistance for well being planning and obstacle management to promote healthier choices.

I offer distance Reiki to balance energies and diffuse energetic stress creating a positive energetic field around your body.

For Kinesiology, the guidelines state that clients must first present face to face, thereafter online can occur.  Therefore existing Mind Body Medicine and Kinesiology existing clients can book online sessions.    New clients are unable to have a online consult and will need to choose from reiki or wellbeing modalities.

I have added a page for Coronavirus information in the event that the climate changes and we go back to face to face sessions

Remember, I am only a text or email away.

Love and light to you all.   Sally

Health & Wellbeing Coaching 


Coaching enables you to really understand your drivers for change and helps you build longer term changes. This is for people who really want to change but were unable to achieve momentum on their own. Sally provides a framework and support infrastructure to enable clients to meet their Health and Wellbeing Goals. She is your cheer squad!



One-on-one kinesiology sessions will empower you to reach your optimum potential by rebalancing your body and your over-all energy whilst providing you with a sounding board for change. 



Sally works with individuals to alleviate blockages gained from stress and trauma to then empower them to bring about positive changes. 

Reiki or Chakra Balance


An energetic balance that 

shifts the body's energy to allow more positive energy to flow through it. This balance is a beautiful and uplifting experience.

Wellbeing Posts


Visit our blog page and choose a post by the image that best reflects your journey. Then use it as a reference tool to keep you focussed, calm, and on track to achieving your goals.