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As former Assistant Principal, Mind Body Medicine Faculty at one of the largest Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine & Counselling training Organisations in Australia,  College of Complementary Medicine (CCM) 2013.  I learnt the journey belongs to the individual (you), each journey is deeply personal, my role is merely to facilitate the safest & most effective pathway to recovery whilst holding true to your beliefs & goals.   Training is about imparting knowledge so you embody the information, rather than just understanding theory.   This deeper understanding is key in creating lasting change.  

As General Manager of Australian Dance Institute (2010).  ADI is  National Registered Training Organization for Dance, I assisted in creation of National Dance training standards through IBSA.   The insertion of nutrition and wellbeing into National training standards was a proud moment.   This body of work led to me be voted as a nominee Emerging Leader in the Arts, a National Government award chosen by support peers & community.   I thank John Lancaster (CEO) & Penny Lancaster (Curriculum Director) for their wisdom & for trusting in me during this critical time of change.      ADI led me to hone my understanding of the human body, it's structure & the power attained from the engagement of the mind, body and soul.    This means that healing is about you, my client and where you want to go, your goals and dreams.   At ADI I first truly studied Kinesiology.   My bookshelf held a sole book...  Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology by Clippinger.     

Whilst at ADI, I became very ill and sadly had to resign.  After a series of low key infections I  had begun having difficulty reading and later on .. breathing also became difficult.   I was admitted to hospital and began a long slow journey to recovery.   I know how hard the journey to recovery is, I know how important it is to trust you have a qualified  practitioner who cares about you and your goals .

Finding the right practitioner for your journey is very important.   Please feel free to contact me to discuss the strategies that we could share to bring about adaptability, change and wellness.

My journey of success as a Mind Body and Soul clinic is largely hinged on the wonderful, grounded, generous and wise healers, mentors and teachers that I met at CCM.   Their depth of consideration for each individual and their lack of ego ensured a wonderful spirit of healing and empowerment for every client.   I can only aspire to such healing exceptionalism.


Voted Top 25 Most Popular Health and Wellness Service in Illawarra & Highlands.  2020,2019, 2018 and 2017 by Health4you website

Voted for 'Emerging Leader in the Arts' via peers in 2013 for contribution to National training package in Dance.

Positions Held

Former Assistant Principal Mind Body Medicine Faculty, College of Complementary Medicine.   National Registered Training Organization, CCM.

Former GM, Australian Dance Institute, National Registered Training Org. Dance

Starlight fund raiser (90s) grant terminally ill child wish of seeing Olympics

Qualifications: ​

*Master Herbalist Dip, Bush Flower Essences Level 2, ABFE

*Reiki Master & Teacher Qualification 2017

*Ba Gua Training, May 2017, College of Complementary Medicine

* Diploma Kinesiology, Diploma Mind Body Medicine, CCM

* Australian Institute of Kinesiology 2016-2020

* ATMS Member (2016-2020)

* Wellness Coach (Level 2) at Wellness Coaching Australia 2016

* Certificate IV Training and Assessment TAE40110 +  (2016)

* Diploma of Business (HR/Training) BSB50801 (2009)