Body Mind Spirit In Campbelltown

August 06, 2017

It was so lovely to meet you all this week end.   Just to re - cap that you all receive 30% discount (until Dec 2017) on my services for joining my Newsletter.   This includes the two short courses that are running in Feb and May 2018.      The courses are normally $240 however for BMS attendees they are $168.


Congratulations to 

Carissa Costi - 2 hour Kinesiology Balance

Bonita Robertson - 1.5 hour Chakra Balance

Michelle O'Han - 1 hour Wellbeing session

Please contact me to set up a time for your session, or log onto and choose a convenient time for you.

Again, it was so very lovely to meet each of you and to hear each of your stories.   I wish you all the very  best of luck in your health and wellness journeys.

If you would like to visit me in my clinic in Moss Vale then please contact me on 0419 464 255 or you can also book through my website

Our next Session - 'Big Rocks, Little Rocks' Making positive and sustainable change

February 02, 2018

Big Rocks, Little Rocks is a 2 day session to enable you to build sustainable wellness goals. Specifically Energy levels, Physical fitness, eating habits, weight, stress, health, self confidence and life satisfaction. 

What you will learn

1. Readiness to change - how ready are you ?

2. Goal setting - how to set achievable goals that are aligned with your energy levels and strengths

2. Realistic first steps

3. Support systems

4. Rewards for achieving goals

My Oxygen - Self Care - Short Course May 2018

May 03, 2018

Self Care is at the heart of this 2 day course in Moss Vale

You will also discover

- Learning what is 'your oxygen' and how to ensure that you make time for this life energy.  

- Explore  ways to self care with bach flowers, essences, crystals, affirmations and acupressure points.   

- Discover that self care is not selfish.  Self Care  allows you to be the best 'YOU' possible.  When you are happy and balance the positive effects flow onto everyone in your life.  

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