Embracing Green: Using Natural Therapies

Colour therapy is used in many countries and throughout western medicine and eastern wisdom to assist in the healing process. I have given a very simplistic view of Green Colour therapy in different therapies.

Green, depicts spring, new life, recycling and a linkage to earth. Our heart Chakra and Wood the growing phase of life in Wu Xing.

In therapy working with children it is can reflect hope, nature, strength and perhaps wishing to build resilience and making new ways.

Chinese Medicine specifically the five elements (Wu Xing), green reflects Wood within the Shen and Ko cycle. Wood Organs are Liver and Gallbladder. Wood imbalances are evident by stiffness, compulsive, ridged, if those imbalanced make green a part of their rebalancing therapy then it can assist healing.

In traditional Indian medicine the Anahata (Heart) Chakra is green. The Anahata is unifying and uniting chakra , it is the healing center. This Chakra is about how we give and receive love. When this chakra is out of balance one can feel judgemental or heartless. A color visualization green is part of the rebalancing process. Additionally you could try the yoga pose 'camel' or 'cobra' to balance this chakra

Green in art as therapy for adults can represent hope, nature, creativity, serenity, strength, longevity, immortality, wealth, wisdom, knowledge, jealousy, independence and the environment. It can also suggest some type of transformation in the client or that someone is over controlling. It might also be an indicator that someone is trying to establish independence, or recognition. The awakening of life and spring is tied to the color green. The color “light green can signify anxiety”. Given the broad spectrum of meaning attributed to green it is advised to be mindful of cultural sensitivities of color and always wise to ask what thoughts and feelings a client associates with a color before administering.

This is a very simplified version of Colour Therapy using Green across several different processes, please email me any questions.

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