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Healthy skin, acne free gives us a level of confidence that can not be under estimated especially in teenagers

If we consider the whole skin for a moment, the skin that covers our entire body. It is the largest organ of the body and is critical for defending our immune system and for regulating our temperature and for protecting us from loss of moisture, and has many other functions. Your skins health is a good general indicator of our internal health.

A good balanced healthy diet is important. There are many diets out there that purport to be healthy. I suggest a diet that incorporates a wide range of food, colours, flavours, textures and additionally makes you feel good, as in healthy hair, clear eyes and good energy levels. A good start is oily fish, seeds and nuts, sources of vitamin C berries or broccoli and additionally sweet potato or apricots which are helpful for dry skin due to their Vitamin A links.

Reduce exposure to chemicals, these can include perfumed body lotion and face products. I suggest you read the label and ask questions when you purchase so that you can determine the level of chemicals involved.

Enjoy your sun exposure early morning or late afternoon. Use sunblock, hat and shade during the middle of the day. Regularly check for moles, misshapen freckles and raised skin lesions and report to your doctor.

A body scrub. My favourite is a tablespoon of cold coconut oil and a desert spoon of Epsom salt, mix it together and then apply onto a dry body whilst standing in shower or bath. Rub the mixture onto your body in a motion towards the heart. Your skin will feel beautiful and soft.

Prolonged Acne....can be a complicated issue and when it causes distress I suggest a trip to a trusted natural therapist, doctor or dermatologist to build a plan suitable to the diet and health care beliefs of the client.

Drink water, eat well, exercise daily, think positive thoughts, sleep well and check your body regularly for any changes in moles or freckles.

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