Looking for an Alternative?

There are so many options, so many alternative medicine choices

There are so many choices for health and wellbeing, it is hard to decide what may work for you.

Here are a few handy hints.

If you go to a Chiropractor or physio to treat your pain then you may like Kinesiology. A kinesiologist can perform a structural assessment, work on your muscles and emotional issues. It could be an emotional issue that keeps pulling your body out of alignment.

If you find you need a regular light massage and you feel overwhelmed in crowds, then try Reiki. Reiki is an energetic massage which moves the negative energy away from your body and replaces with your more positive and balanced energy. Your healer can also use crystals to assist with the energy flow.

If you love a good fitness session where you are pushed to your limits, you thrive on a coach to extend your abilities then a health and wellbeing coach will help you meet your longer term goals and keep you accountable week by week.

If you love the old school, tried and tested approaches then try Chinese Medicine or Mind Body Medicine, they will incorporate tongue analysis, pulse analysis, acupressure. These methods have been around for thousands of years .

Why Change ?

If you have been trying the same approach for a while and your symptoms have not shifted or maybe your symptoms have got worse, perhaps it is time to look for something different.

Different therapies work on different aspects of your issue. You may have healed one aspect of your issue but the other aspects of your issue keep dragging you body, emotions or spirit back to the same place.

If you shift the energy in your body then it allows you to approach situations with a different frame of reference.

When you re align your structure using kinesiology and balance out the emotions associated with the structural issue then your body can start to heal on both levels.

Spiritual connection can also provide an anchor to our world, in our busy world spirituality or connection to something bigger is often forgotten. Bringing back an understanding of the bigger picture can be refreshing and reiki can help with this connection.

In seeking something different, you are giving yourself a chance to heal.

Finding a practitioner is easy try these websites to locate someone close to you www.health4you.com.au or www.naturaltherapypages.com.au

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