Forgiveness Process

The Forgiveness Process will create a new sense of peace and healing in your life. I guarantee that you will feel, and your life will be, very different at the end of this simple, yet profound technique. This process is used frequently in my clinic and was borrowed from Ian White of Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Objective: To create a new sense of peace and healing in one’s life.

Expected Result: Openness of your heart, the openness of your vision, willingness to be present. It is a very powerful healing process.


Find a place where you feel safe, won’t be disturbed and can comfortably speak out loud, without any concern of being overheard. The process can either be done in one session or split up over a number of sessions. Be aware that it could take a number of hours to complete. In clinic, I also give Dagger Hakea for one week prior to starting the Forgiveness Process and continue for another week whilst completing it. Dagger Hakea is a Flower Essence which helps promote forgiveness.

a -

After settling yourself in to a comfortable position, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and get into a relaxed and reflective state. Then ask to be presented, visually, to the people that you hold resentment towards. Only one person at a time will appear and the ones with whom you have the most amount of issues to resolve, will turn up first - almost invariably one of your parents, who is then usually followed by the other parent. You can still do the process even if a person who appears to you is no longer alive.

b -

When you have a picture of a person, or a sense of who it is, visualise a cord or tube going from that person’s navel and connecting with a cord that emanates from your navel. Tie the two cords together and then say out loud, “the resentment I hold against you for .........” then list everything that you feel resentful or bitter towards that person for.

c -

When you have completed everything, say “(name) the resentment I hold against you I now release. I love you and I forgive you”. At the point of saying “I forgive you”, physically make a pair of scissors with your fingers and cut through that imaginary cord connecting you and the person.

d -

This whole process is then repeated another two times and while listing the resentments it is okay to repeat previous ones you have mentioned.

e -

When having completed these additional two times with that person you then reverse the process. This is done by again tying the cords with the person and this time you commence by saying “(name) the resentment that you feel against me for.......” - list the things that you feel that the person feels resentful against you. Then on completion say “(name) all these things that you hold resentment against me for, I now forgive you for. I love you, I release you” and then cut the cord. As before, do this another two times from the other person’s perspective.

f -

You are then ready to embark upon resolving issues with the next person, so at this point ask to be presented with the next person you hold resentment towards. You then repeat the process that you just completed with the previous person. Keep going until no one is left.

g -

I guarantee that you will feel, and your life will be, very different at the end of this Process.

“There’s only one activity that will raise you above the laws of cause and effect and that is forgiveness.” - St Germaine

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” - Mahatma Gandhi

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