Heal your stucture


Wanting your pain to disappear permanently ? Try Kinesiology, where I gently manipulate joints, relax muscles and connect fascial trans to provide a platform for your body to heal. These body rebalancing strategies are directed by muscle monitoring and includes information from the central nervous system, structural or physical needs of the body, posture, injury and performance.

Body need balancing?

My clinic houses a full size teaching skeleton so that I can share with you where your issues may arise from in a physical sense. Once you are aware of the source of your issue and possible movements that will relieve the pain. I use acupressure, massage and basic spinal manipulation to bring your body back into balance.

Body creaks, groans and complains!

Our bodies creak, groan and complain typically because we are continuously over using the same joints and muscles. Have you considered changing your movement to strengthen other muscle groups? In session I work with muscles and structure to increase mobility. We also discuss the muscles that need a rest and those that need to be engaged to increase your flexibility and reducing the creaks, groans and discomfort.

Kinesiology - Quote from the Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Kinesiology is a specialized natural health care modality that draws on the ancient wisdom of Eastern cultures and the latest research and understandings from the West of how the body and brain work together, to heal, create balance and to function efficiently and effectively.What sets Kinesiology apart from all other health   care modalities is the ability to communicate directly with the innate body intelligence through muscle monitoring.
Muscle monitoring provides the feedback that allows us to identify stress in the body, find the specific corrections to reduce the stress, and monitor effectiveness of the corrections applied. This is an invaluable “evaluation and communication tool” to tailor health solutions to each person, taking guesswork out of providing effective health care
Muscle monitoring for rebalancing health includes:
bio-electrical systems, such as meridians, chakras, the central nervous system
mental and emotional aspects, based on belief systems, life events, relationships
nutritional or biochemical aspects, reactions to foods
structural or physical needs of the body, strains and pains, injury, posture, performance
spiritual and essential nature, connections with life purpose and contribution
other categories, specialties, systems, strategies as may have been studied.
We can also uncover past stressors that interfere with best function in current time and rebalance those to allow change in present time.

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