Kinesiology. What does a Kinesiology session entail?

Kinesiology is about balancing the body, hormones, bio chemistry and structure whilst also considering the emotional and spiritual facets.

Why would someone see a Kinesiologist?

There are many reasons that people consult a Kinesiologist.

You have experienced significant loss or change. Corona Virus has changed many of our daily practices which causes uncertainty and fear. Kinesiology can help try and balance these emotions.

Feeling over emotional. Emotions that are on a consistent cycle such as fear, shame, anger, self doubt, overwhelm, tiredness. These emotions are discussed and using acupressure and structural modifications we work to balance these emotions.

You are feeling out of balance. So you have been to the Dr ruled out anything major and you still don't feel ok. This can be physically, spiritually, emotionally out of balance. Feelings of 'not quite being yourself', "out of sorts", Wobbly' or 'not grounded'

Your body is giving you feedback. Constant headaches, insomnia due to overthinking , #muscletension, #bodyaches, #unexplainedstomachupsets. Your body holds immense wisdom and will constantly give you signs of wellbeing or dis - ease. Honour your body and it's wisdom by listening and making some subtle changes to bring about homeostasis in your body.

What happens in a Kinesiology session ?

It depends on why you are consulting. It is different for everyone.

The basics are :

Why are you at the consult?

What would you like to change?,

What is you current situation?

What have your tried previously that has worked or not worked?

What you believe the solution is?

Sometimes I check your gaits/ ease of movement, muscle flexibility, tongue and pulse, analysis reflexes and look at which muscles are working too hard or not working enough. I also do a thorough health history. All of this information including what you wish to work on is acknowledged and muscle monitoring is used to address your issues using your bodies wisdom. So, I would use your arm muscle and check whether it was structural, chemical, energetic etc.. then we would drill down further which chemical, which muscle, which nutrient is creating the issue. It is not uncommon for me to refer to a GP for blood testing, Chiro for structural re alignment etc..

Some sessions are quite structural and work with pain and a specific muscle to rebalance the body. Other sessions are highly energetic and work with cleansing chakras, balancing auras, using crystals and essences, vibrational energies. Some sessions are all about education, providing a listening ear or challenging assumptions of self. Every session is different based on the beliefs, concerns and issues of the client.

Does it work ?

For many of my clients yes it does work, but like many other modalities you need to find the right fit for you and your belief system. Some clients only come to me for Mind Body Medicine - looking at physical and emotional components and using TCM to determine where heat, stagnation or pain is. Some love the thought that their body holds wisdom and get great benefits from tapping into this wisdom using Kinesiology. You know it is your modality when it works for you.

I would be more than happy to talk to you about your goals and how Kinesiology may help

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