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Health and Wellbeing Coaching

Sally is passionate about ensuring people achieve optimal wellbeing. The Wellbeing Coaching model is achieved by creating a program of choices and strategies around diet, exercise, stress management, and disease prevention.

Sally's style of Wellbeing Coaching is about knowing you, the client, has the knowledge of the pathway forward, including what suits your lifestyle and personality best, even though you are unsure of how to implement it.

Coaching is a supportive process that facilitates the achievement of goals through continued encouragement and accountability.

Sally empowers the client through coaching, allowing you to implement the strategies you believe will be the most successful. This allows you to build the best plan for your

wellness with the support infrastructure provided by Sally as your coach.

What can you expect at a Wellbeing Coaching session?

  • An evaluation of your current situation

  • An evaluation of where you would like to be

  • Clarity on what you'd like to achieve

  • How the ‘achievement’ aligns to the rest of your being

  • An understanding of change, some of the pitfalls

  • A look at your strengths and past successes

  • Short-term action steps

  • Medium-term goal setting (3 months)

The first session can be face-to-face or online and will take 1.5 hours, including the evaluation process. The remaining session/s will take 30 minutes and can be done either in person or by phone/Skype. This is all about having a positive influencer in your corner, ensuring that you achieve the vision that you desire. A coach's sole role is to support you and your goal!

Wellbeing Coaching Coach yourself to wellness Book
Download PDF • 3.74MB

"So why aren’t we well

all the time? Life is complex and demanding.

Competing priorities often mean we don’t make time to focus on what we want for ourselves - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - or to create a plan to get there. This is where coaching can be incredibly supportive."

- Fiona Cosgrove,

Coach Yourself to Wellness.

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