Walking Meditation

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

In this guided meditation, I invite you to visualise the following Bush Walk which has been designed to slow your sympathetic Nervous System and wipe the cobwebs from your energetic being and chakras.

Firstly, get comfortable. Take off your shoes, find somewhere comfortable to lay down where you will not be disrupted. I suggest that you choose a 35 min music meditation from Insight Timer which is a free meditation app.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply into your belly, exhale deeply to count of 4, inhale (count 1, 2, 3 4 )and then exhale again. Continue this gentle breathing pace by exhaling to count of 4, inhaling to count of 4 throughout the meditation. Your heart should be beating slowly and your breathing rhythmic and equal counts inhale and exhale. Modify the practice to ensure that you are enjoying calm and rhythmic breathing.

Imagine yourself entering a National Park.

Visualise the red dirt path. I invite you to stop and imagine you are touching the red dirt. Imagine the scent, texture. Imagine the colour spreading throughout your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Start to feel connected to the world beneath you.

Walk a little further. Take in the expanse of orange flowers. Allow the scent to fill your nostrils, the colour to permeate your body. Orange is the colour of creativity. Allow this sense to fill your body.

Continue your journey, I invite you to stand in the clearing ahead where the sun streams onto the ground. Stand in the space. Allowing the sun to bathe your body in a yellow light. This is colour of self power, empowerment. Feel the warmth on your skin.

In the field ahead is greenery up to heart height. I offer for you to walk through the greenery. Touch, smell and invite the colour to fill your entire being. Be mindful to open yourself to compassion. Compassion to self and compassion to others.

In the expanse ahead, I invite you to walk into the pool of water and stand underneath the waterfall. Allowing the blue water to spill across your body. Imagine this act is cleansing your energetic body of unkind words said and imagined. Clearing the way for positive communication with both self and others.

Now imagine walking up a slight incline, within this incline is a cloud of purple haze around your brow line. Feel this colour seeping into your entire body. Just beyond the purple haze is a bright white light. Like a full moon. Imagine your body is bathed in this pure light. Allow the light to permeate your entire body, head, feet, body and toes, hands and fingers......

Allow yourself a moment to bathe in this peace. Gently, lovingly and supportively guide yourself back down the path, through the colours. When you arrive back in the red dirt remember to thank any guides and energetic souls who traveled with you and guided you.

Remember to wiggle your fingers and toes to come back to present. Gently open your eyes.

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