5 Bush Flower Essences for Christmas Calm

We all wish for a Christmas where everyone is joyful for the presents and the presence of others, are thoughtful and kind, respectful and over all basking in gratitude. Realistically, it can be a little hectic and very stressful.

In order to give yourself the best chance of holding a Christmas function / day that everyone will remember for the right reasons grab a handful of these essences and spray liberally.

1. Purify Essence Blend: will remove emotional baggage, let go of past issues, cleanses between cells, helps with constipation both mentally (stuck crappy thoughts) and physically.

2. Transition Essence Blend: for acceptance of change, acceptance of death, families going through divorce, separation, kids leaving home, kids going to school.

3. Abundessence Blend: Feeling you have enough, joyful sharing and universal trust. Contains Christmas Bluebell as mentioned below.

Blends Approx $19.95 for 30ml

4. Space clearing spray: my absolute favourite and highly recommended. I spray clinic and myself with this every day. This clears the air of any stuck energy and replaces with a beautiful calm energy. Expect to pay 22.60 for 50ml spray bottle.

5. Single blends for a particular issue, or you can mix all these together for a 'super' Christmas blend

Red Lilly and Christmas Bell. These essences are for feelings of abundance and being grounded. Allowing one to focus on what they have and what is happening now. A beautiful and powerful Christmas Duo.

Wedding Bush: Freedom to be your own person. For new partnerships and blended families.

Red Suva Frangipani - for the empty seat at the table, grief of a loved one

Tall Yellow Top - A great essence for feelings of sadness or isolation. Highly recommended for those that are alone, or feel alone over the Christmas period.

Approx $15.50 each for single blend. $17.50 for the 'Super' Christmas blend from me or Moss Vale Community Pharmacy.

BFE are available:

- Living a balanced life,

- Moss Vale Community Pharmacy 0248 681293

- local Chemists,

- or direct from Bush Flowers Australia

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