Autumn - a time to shed grief

Autumn is the season where the hot summer days gradually become shorter, and the leaves begin to change. We begin to gather the brightly coloured foods that grow this time of year like figs and pomegranate. We shift energies from the carefree summer into the self reflection associated with autumn.

In Chinese Medicine, autumn is associated with metal and the lungs. Autumn is a great time to finish projects and to harvest the seasons natural flow of energy to organise, set limits and protect boundaries. The energy of lungs is 'letting go' so autumn is the ideal time to let anything go that we may be holding onto to so we can embrace the new.

In Chinese Medicine when you are dealing with excessive grief or the lungs are 'out of balance', you will have difficulty coping with change and loss. The lungs are also associated with attachment so you may have difficulty letting go of things that no longer benefit you such as people, belongings and negative emotions. If the energy (qi) of the lungs is stuck, you may experience overwhelming and constant state of grief.

Full expression and resolution of grief restores the body, mind and soul. Dealing with grief in healthy ways rather than avoiding it is the key to being happy and maintaining balance.

How do I let go of Grief ?

Breathing - deep breathing with the intention of flooding our cells with oxygen and joy, releasing any energies which reduce internal harmony.

Being aware of the changes that are necessary to keep positivity in our lives and allowing that positive energy to fill our life force.

Let go - re organise your cupboard and your life. Donate any clothing that no longer serves its purpose, is too small, too large or damaged. Organise your kitchen cupboards.

Move your bowels regularly, this too is a function of 'letting go'

Malachite crystal

Crystals to assist are: Aquamarine, Smoky Quartz , Aragonite, Rose Quartz ,Citrine, Petrified Wood Beads, Malachite, Rhodonite,

Bush Flower Essences Bottlebrush, Dagger Hakea

All of these activities are in harmony with the autumn season and strengthening to the lungs function of letting go.

Wild Blessings xx Sally

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