Autumn - a time to shed grief, guilt and Regret (Part II)

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

As mentioned in my lost Blog, Autumn is the season where the hot summer days gradually become shorter, and the leaves begin to change. We shift energies from the carefree summer into the self reflection associated with autumn.

In Chinese Medicine, autumn is associated with metal and the lungs. In Chinese Medicine (#TCM) every meridian has a partner, the Lung partner is the Large Intestine. The Lung is the Yin partner, the feminine, responsible for bringing in the new - through fresh air. The Large Intestine is the Yang, the masculine, responsible for getting rid of the waste.

In Chinese Medicine when you are having difficulty letting go of things that no longer benefit you such as people, belongings and negative emotions. Th energy (qi) of the large intestine is stuck. This can often be observed by being physically stuck by being constipated, or just feeling 'stuck' and being unable to move forward. The Large Intestine is the last stage in the digestion process and takes all the waste and purges it from our body. When constipation occurs it can cause bloating, distention and accumulation of toxins in your body. In TCM when constipation occurs our emotions also accumulate and can create toxic emotions such as deep grief, guilt, regret and being 'unable to let go' of issues.

Full expression and resolution of grief, guilt and regret restores the body, mind and soul. Dealing with emotions in healthy ways rather than avoiding it is the key to being happy and maintaining balance. Visiting a practitioner to assist in regulating bowel movements via diet, exercise, good bowel habits, and perhaps visiting a counsellor to start to shift some of those persistent 'stuck' emotions.

How do I let go of Grief ?

Move your bowels regularly, this is a function of 'letting go'

Let go - re organise your cupboard and your life. Donate any clothing that no longer serves its purpose, is too small, too large or damaged. Organise your kitchen cupboards. Let go of those persistent thoughts of regret by returning your thoughts to the now... the present. Those that live in the present are at peace. Living in the past can cause depression for 'what was' - give thanks and let it go.

Breathing - deep breathing with the intention of flooding our cells with oxygen and joy, releasing any energies which reduce internal harmony.

Being aware of the changes that are necessary to keep positivity in our lives and allowing that positive energy to fill our life force.

Malachite crystal

Crystals to assist are: Aquamarine, Smoky Quartz , Aragonite, Rose Quartz ,Citrine, Petrified Wood Beads, Malachite, Rhodonite,

Bush Flower Essences Bottlebrush (letting go), Dagger Hakea (Letting go / forgiveness of self and others)

All these activities are in harmony with the autumn season and strengthening to the lung function of bringing in the new and large intestine function of letting go.

Wild Blessings xx Sally

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