5 Tips for reducing Anxiety

Living with Anxiety can be debilitating, confusing, and isolating. Anxiety can create issues socially and can interfere with comprehension and learning. In this blog, I share 5 tips that I use in clinic to start taking control of your body.

1. Breathe.

Observing your breath. Allowing long and rhythmic breaths. Allowing the feeling of expansion into your lungs. Creating space to feel the changes in your level of calmness

2. Lift Shoulders.

By lifting your shoulders and elongating your trachea (neck and windpipe) you will immediately feel more space within your lung capacity. Creating space for more oxygen to enter your lungs. More oxygen means a calmer you

3. Do Math.

Simple math such as 2 x times table By engaging the Frontal Cortex (smart part of your brain) it takes you out of fight /flight (amygdala ) and into an ability to plan. Creating space to plan, organise, and self-monitor.

4. Wiggle your toes.

Everyone who comes to the clinic knows I say “wiggle your toes”. Firstly it distracts you by showing you are in control of your body. Secondly, it is a beautiful way to create blood flow into your extremities and therefore helps your brain realise that you are not being chased by a lion. Creating a feeling of bodily control

5. Acknowledge.

Sometimes panic & fear is a required response. The question is 'IS THIS SAFE FOR ME? If your heart is beating fast & you can't breathe and it is consistently created by a person, thing, place then it is NOT safe for you. Creating a realistic view of your surroundings is imperative to begin to trust yourself again

Thank you for reading and I trust that these tools will assist you or a loved one. Please share this or my instagram video on working with anxiety to anyone who you feel may benefit.

Wild Blessings

Sally Davis,

Living a Balanced Life, Moss Vale

Kinesiologist, Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master and Teacher

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