Cleansing energies for a happy home and family

In clinic one of the questions that I hear most is the question about how to clear negative thoughts, energies, spaces.

Firstly, energies are something that we all feel. It is not just the hippy and energetic souls that feel energy. Anyone who has watched someone rise in anger but not say anything, watched the person marching crossly towards you.... you know this energy is not good ... you go into high alert.

Conversely, the person who approaches with smiling eyes, a soft face and a calm voice... you know they are ok, they mean no harm. You also remain calm.

So now we know that we respond well from positive energy. We can now discover the easy ways to create more positive energy around us and within us.

Take a walk in Nature

The art of Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing as it is known in Japan. Is walking in nature with the purpose of engaging all 5 senses in the activity. Imagine smelling the foliage, feeling the sunshine on your face, hearing the sounds of nature. You can try this exercise in your local park, local National Park, your own garden, a public garden. In the event that you are bedridden or house bound imagining the walking through your favourite garden can be just as effective. It is a very cleansing process.

The Shower method.

This is where you are 100% involved in the process of showering yourself. Feeling the temperature and smell of the water and most importantly feeling the water wash away your fears and energies that no longer belong. It is about being conscious of the products that you layer on your body. Allowing only the products that enable you to feel uplifted and cleansed. I like the refreshing smell of peppermint, coffee or lemon in bath products as they make wake up my being.

The Crystal method.

Crystals hold both energies and nutrients. Nutrients that are missing or out of balance in our own bodies may mean we are attracted to certain crystals to enable re balancing of the nutrient. Some schools of thoughts believe that the nutrients of the crystal permeate the human body and can assist with nutrient balance. This can help the cleansing process specifically if the nutrient is magnesium. Magnesium is used in many muscle contractions in the body meaning that it helps with the detox process. Crystals that help cleanse negative energy are Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx, Jet or Smokey Quartz. Crystals are best chosen by feeling the energy that resonates best with you. #crystals. Gentle crystals that are known to be balancing are clear quartz crystal. Rose Quartz is good for self love. If you need to cleanse your ability to speak your truth then perhaps use turquoise, to clear your heart to let love in then try malachite.

The Mind Cleanse

The shows we watch, the books we read and the conversations we listen and partake in. All affect our energy positively or negatively. Mindfully choose the activities that help you feel good. Feeling optimistic will assist you to radiate a more positive energy field. A book such as 'Clearing Emotional Clutter' by Donald Altman is a great mind cleanser.

The Body Cleanse

There are many beautiful food groups that assist in cleansing your body but what is simpler is recognising that your body holds many energies in the gut, colon and skin. Ensuring that your bowels empty regularly and that you are mindful of what you put in your body and on your skin. Ensuring that you drink ample clean water, wash your fruit and vegetables prior to consuming. Consciously choose foods that make you feel well, healthy, happy and beaming with energy.

Sage it. Paolo Santo it

Sage is the ultimate space cleaner. Light one end with a match and allow it to smoke gently. Walk around the space that needs clearing, whilst the sage is smoking. Think positive thoughts when using sage that way you are cleaning negative energy and replacing with a positive energy. A good mantra is ‘release energy which no longer supports my health and wellbeing, fill this space with love and light’ Paolo santo works in the same manner but has a lovely pine smell. I love this sage from Dantes Luxury

Flower Essences

Whenever I do a cleanse. I take Purify drops from the Bush Flower essence range plus I use the Bush Flower, Space cleansing spray in my clinic every day. Bush Flower Essences are believed to positively effect energetic vibration. Flower essences have been around since the Early Egyptians and then exploded into popularity in the 70s with Edward Bach. Bach invented the Bach Flower Essences. Later in the 70s Ian White from Australia founded the Bush Flower Essence range.

There are many other ways to cleanse energy from your mind, body, spirit and home or workplace. In clinic one of the questions that I hear most is the question about how to clear negative thoughts, energies, spaces.

The People cleanse

It is really good to mindfully recognize how your close friends and family impact your energy. This is not to judge those feelings but to be aware of those connections that increase your energy and improve your zest for life, and those who leave you feeling a little drained or exhausted. For those who leave you feeling better, lighter and more positive these are your energy positive people. For those who create feelings of exhaustion then perhaps moderate the amount of time spent with them, if you can’t reduce the time with them then meeting them outside or in a room with a good flow through of clean air is best.

Colours that help

Benjamin Franklin’s research showed that snow melts faster on dark colours. Does this mean that darker colours hold more energy, or does it mean that the absorbed energy is turned into heat. The snow tests showed that the energy was turned into heat which is why black is a good colour for trying to block energy from entering the body. With black the energy is transmuted into heat rather than being absorbed into the body. White is also a colour that can assist as it is an ‘angelic’colour but also transmutes energy into heat as per Benjamin Franklin’s research with blocks of ice.

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