Guys, Think you don't need a Wellness coach? Consider this..

We want our children to choose wellness but until we are good role models they will hear the words but not understand the benefit. So, if you can not choose wellness for yourself, then perhaps consider the longer term benefit of showing your children the benefits of a healthy and well lifestyle. As they say...... when we change, the people around us change, we start to heal generations....

Consider this....

You are most likely really good at your job and reasonable at home but aren't as fit as you wish or as healthy. Why? Because at work you have a BOSS and they keep you aligned to your goals. Even if you work for yourself, you are accountable to someone. Perhaps your bank or your customers. At home most of us are kept accountable by our children or our partners. The reason you are good at what you are doing is that you are getting real time feedback, you have goals, you are made accountable.

When it comes to your health and wellbeing however it is a different story. You need to create your own goals. Your family will not help because telling your partner to choose greens over chips every night hails memories of our parents. Believe me, no one wants to parent their partner.

So, truth is. You are alone in the endeavour to wellness.

That is where a good Wellness Coach comes into play.

So now you know you need a Wellness Coach. Your questions are most likely the cost versus benefit , the amount of time required and what you get for your money.

Cost versus Benefit

Research consistently shows that people who engage with other people in goals for fitness / wellness are more likely to reach their goals. If you have tried other ways to engage in wellness and they have not worked then why not try something different ? In #Wellnesscoaching we discuss your previous attempts and use them to leverage to a better outcome. Essentially, we use your past to determine how to reach your future goals.

Additionally, if we are paying someone to help us reach a goal then I must say the financial component does push people in the right direction of compliance.

Is it expensive ?

The first sessions are around $100 - $150 depending on where you go and how long you attend for. Second and subsequent sessions are from $30 to $70 again depending on time spent. Personally, I charge $135.00 for first session complete with a Wellness booklet, a thorough assessment of where you are currently at, where you wish to be, gap analysis and discovering what has worked and not worked in the past. Subsequent sessions are tailored to your needs and budget but typically $30 for 20 minutes.

Time and Timing

You know the time is right when the time spent with a Wellness Coach in a week (20mins) is less than the time spent thinking that you wished you were making changes. So, if you are constantly thinking... gosh I need to do something about that extra 5 - 10 or 15kg, or that extra glass of alcohol that I have every night. Then perhaps a Wellness Coach can assist?

What to expect

First session is about the foundations.

  • Where am I now? There is a survey to complete beforehand and then together we can assess some basic lifestyle including current diet, time available and limitations. I am a Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner so we look at basic flexibility, limiting beliefs, structure and pain as well as your goals

  • Where do I want to be? This is very important as we discuss where you want to be and Why? We also discuss are you ready for the changes that may occur due to you reaching your goal ? The latter part is the key, is your goal in keeping with your social, physical, emotional and spiritual goals? If not, then we discuss how we align these so you can set appropriate goals

  • Why I am not there yet ? The times you tried previously to reach your goal are gold. These are the stepping stones to your success. We use them to be understand your blockers and your lifters. Blockers and lifters are people, situations and your own resilience that either assist or impede progress. Together we build scenarios to manage each situations.

  • Being accountable. We choose 5 simple goals each week and you check in and discuss why they occured or did not. I keep you accountable. I am your cheerleader and also your Coach.

  • The best thing about it is. I don't tell you what to do. You tell me what you want to achieve. We discuss all the variables and YOU DECIDE what your 5 priorities are for the week. I am your sounding board, your cheerleader and also the voice of reason.

Why work with me ?

I spent years working on change management, project management in Corporate. I spent years in teaching companies. I can counsel and I can drive an outcome. I am both gentle and very driven. Yes, I also am a #WellnessCoach, #Kinesiologist, #MindBodyMedicine Coach and accredited adult educator

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