My Vibe, My Tribe

I sometimes find the world so vast and too disconnected for my liking. Trying to find like-minded people can be difficult, especially in the area of healthcare and wellbeing.

On the week end I found this amazing events group, Soul Vibe Events run by Rebs and Michael. I had met them before and immediately saw their immense love and passion for running events that had a truly great feeling. They have this great warm energy and it's really contagious. Go to one of their markets or events because the people that they attract and their products are amazing.

You can find them here

Here is a sneak peak of what they have coming up

1st October 2017 Awake my soul in Kiama,

12th Feb 2018 Made with love festival.

Some time ago I also found this tribe... College of Complementary Medicine. These guys have a really nice relaxed vibe and attract a really heart connected tribe with a good soul & love of health, go to a free workshop, the Transpersonal ones will really rock your socks, I liked them so much I studied with them, and made some awesome friends.

......Oh just to be a part of these beautiful events........

So, if like me, you are trying to find your tribe, and are looking for a particular energy then I highly recommend getting off your internet, finding your feet, go find a soul vibe event, free workshop, wander through places that you have never been before, engage with people that may on first glance not look like your tribe, look for the heart in people, their soul, then you will find your tribe.

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