Super Moon and what is a ‘normal’ response?

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This week we have experienced the impact Super Moon. I have had lots of calls and visiting clients who had lost their balance or were feeling more anxious than usual. The repeated question was…. “Is this Normal?”

One of the reason why anxiety levels rise during a Super Moon or Full Moon is that people look to the majority to see if they were affected by the moon (or stimuli), and if not, decide that there is something wrong with them.

Sensitivities to nature

We should not put blame on anything outside of us for how we feel or behave but understanding our sensitivities with compassion can help us to function better and take necessary steps to support us when we are aware of what is going on. We can go a little easier on ourselves knowing that many people feel sensitive to nature and the universe.

In my experience, we feel more able to cope if we know there is a reason for the way we feel. After all, the moon controls the cycles of the tides of the waters of our world, and our bodies consist of a large amount of water. It makes sense that we would be affected by this.

The full moon is a time of letting go.

You can perform a small ritual by writing down all the things, behaviors, people, and life decisions you are willing and ready to let go of, and either burn it or flush it away to ceremonially release it to the earth. This is a very transformative practice.

For those of you who like some research. Read here

The most important thing is to trust in your own instincts and to acknowledge your own feelings and sensitivities.

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