Pondering change?Consider this..... Change is Possible...

I am not sure how many New Years Resolutions that I have broken, or how many years in a row I had the same intent, but if failing means that I am closer to my goal, then I am so very close....

By my failings I am in a position to share some wisdom with you, that my mentor and coach shared with me.

Everything you need for change is inside you, you have the wisdom.

Wisdom is one piece of the puzzle, the other piece is understanding your roadblocks or beliefs that hold you back

If you have tried and failed you are closer to your goal, as you have learnt about one more roadblock that you need a strategy for.

Sometimes what you see as your shortcomings are what makes you amazing at being you.... make sure that you don't throw away your blessings. I was always trying to be less sensitive, less empathetic, less energetically aware. What I learnt is that these are my blessings and should be nurtured.

For some change is about accepting what you don't like, and creating more of what you do like about yourself . By spending more time on the positive actions, the negatives dissipates on their own.

So if you are looking to change. Grab a trusted friend, Colleague or practitioner to assist you on your journey.


Change is not the pretty boy sitting smiling at you in the corner, change is the big, fat guy that you have to lug up the hill.

Change can be ugly, and it can be tough but with support - change is possible.

If you need help Ask.

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